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Is IQ Option a SCAM? - Honest Review 2021

Category Winners

Why we recommend this:

  • Minimum deposit is only $10
  • Profit rate up to 93%
  • Regulated by the Cypruss Security Exchange
  • Supports the use of local banks for deposits

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Free $10,000 credit for demo account

When it comes to brokers with large customer bases, THEN IQ Option is a name to keep in mind.


Is IQ Option a Scam or Not?

IQ Option is not a fraud platform, in fact it is trusted as a trusted platform today. When we make a review of a broker, we also consider the reviews provided by traders for IQ Option itself. From our views and investigations, it was found that there was no way for this company to be considered a fraud.

The company is strictly regulated, has a large income, legality of official companies, quality websites, and qualified trading applications. Against a background like this, there is no possibility for IQ Option to commit fraud.

Here are 5 strong reasons why IQ Option isn't a scam

  • Has been used by more than 50 million people worldwide
  • Regulated by the Cypruss Security Exchange. A top independent regulator in the European economic area
  • Support deposit and withdraw using local Bank indonesia
  • There are more than 90 customer service representatives to answer trader complaints

The characteristics of the list above are the main things that you should pay attention to in each broker. IQ Option itself has been monitoring their activities in recent years and all aspects of security have been met. Traders on the platform are also required to go through the account verification process to prevent money laundering.


Is IQ Option recommended?

Yes, we recommend IQ Option as they are the perfect platform for both novice and experienced traders today. This broker is one that allows novice traders and experienced traders to really enjoy honest trading activities and not limited by time and place. If you are new to online trading, there are several e-books and videos that you can find on the platform to add skills. For experienced traders, they can be part of competitions that IQ Option regularly holds to earn hefty prize money.

Anyone can make money on the IQ Option platform. To do so, you simply correctly predict the price movement within the time frame that has been installed. IQ Option offers short-term trading that allows users to make money in just 60 seconds. Traders will be given a profit rate of up to 95%.

Recommended for novice investors

  • With just a deposit of $10, you can already trade with a nominal of $1 only
  • Easy-to-understand platform
  • There are more than 100 types of trading assets
  • Responsive trading app
  • Profit rate up to 93%

What is IQ Option?

Company Name

Inlustris Ltd.


The Cyber Securities

Minimum Deposit


Minimum Trading Value


Maximum Trading Value


Deposit Method

Local banks, electronic wallets, Visa/MasterCard

Profit Level

Up to 93%

IQ Option is a broker known as a broker that constantly improves their platform to keep up with today's best financial instrument trading technology. The platform uses desktop and mobile applications to assist traders in predicting financial markets and capturing profits according to the current situation. They boast an intuitive and easy-to-use platform that makes online trading an uncomplicated job.

To get started using the platform, all you need to do is fill out the registration form and provide personally identifiable information. What's great about IQ Option is that you only need a $10 dollar deposit to start using a live account. As soon as you complete the account registration, IQ Option will send you an email about the platform usage outline for beginners.


To reinforce the image that IQ Option is a trusted broker, you'll find that they're at a reputable authority. CySEC or its long name "the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission originated in Europe.

  • Form of trading. Quality, system, and trading context are vital to maximize the possibility to trade
  • Market conditions. Learn about market conditions due to their high level of volatility. For a while the market could have been safe and controlled, but in the next second it could have been a much different condition.
  • Form of trading. Quality, system, and trading context are vital to maximize the possibility to trade
  • Period. Long-term trading and turbo trading (trading for a period of 5 minutes or shorter) presents different types of risks. For example, the charts shown in short-term trading are more likely to be limited.

Binary options itself is an automated trade, meaning here is, any payout received or lost will be automatically debited or credited to the trader's account when the trade expires.

Conclusion – Recommended

We recommend IQ Option because it is an excellent platform that provides users with a wide range of value. This website brings together transparency, functions, and regulations that synergize well with each other.

Trading on your own website on the platform gives you a seamless experience because it's built with an intuitive interface that's easy to navigate. The IQ Option trading platform and application are highly functional for professional traders but maintain simplicity for new users to learn the trading process.

IQ Option is a rising and growing company serving more than 15 million customers and processing over $3 million every day. The website itself also processes about 11 billion dollars each month for trading only and issues payouts of more than 5 million dollars for its users each month.

To get a personal manager on the IQ Option platform, you will be asked to make a deposit of $3000 which may be quite expensive for some people. This website is proven popularity among traders around the world with a small number of customers.

IQ Option is available to 178 countries around the world and provides a comprehensive service for all its users. Traders can trade stocks, Forex, and cryptocurrencies using a platform that gives access to rich resources with a variety of options.

Category Winners


IQ Option is a trusted broker for new traders and professionals who want the simplicity of the trading platform, combined with advanced features to make a profit.

Regulation & Security: 9.9/10
Current Progress
Current Progress
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Ease of use: 9.8/10

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 Effectiveness of features: 8.8/10

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Free $10,000 credit for demo account

IQ Option has a simple and customizable interface