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Binomo Login - Common Problems Solved

Paul Titus
Barry Edwards
Last Updated on April 14, 2022

Having trouble logging into your Binomo account? Are errors like the number of attempts exceeded or the wrong password ruining your big trade? 

Or maybe your account got blocked, and you have no clue what to do.

Don't worry. We have you covered.

From giving you step-by-step instructions on how to log in via your desktop/laptop and smartphone to registering and solutions to common problems, this guide has it all.

But before proceeding further, we would suggest you to have a look on Binomo review to make sure it is a liable trading platform.

So let's dig into it.

Binomo Login Methods 

binomo login method

There are in fact multiple ways to login in Binomo. Here is how you can do it. Just read in detail. 

#1. How to Log into Binomo on Laptop/Desktop?

  • Visit Binomo.com
  • Click on the yellow Sign In button you see on the right-hand corner.
  • Select Login.
  • You can log in either using your Facebook, password, or Gmail. Here's all you need to know about logging in with each method.

#2. How to Login Using Password?

  • Enter your email and password in the respective text boxes.
  • Hit Enter or the Sign In button, and you'd soon be redirected to the Trading page.

#3. How to Login Using Facebook?

To log in using Facebook, click on the Facebook icon.

If you aren't logged in, you will need to log in first.

If you are logged into your Facebook, this is a one-click step process, and you'll simply land on the trading page.

#4. How to Login Using Gmail

Logging in using Gmail works similarly to Facebook.

If you are logged in, click on the Gmail icon, and you're instantly logged in. If not, you'll need to sign in first.

#5. How to Login to Binomo Using Mobile App?

Logging in on the mobile app isn't as easy on the webpage. That's because, on the app, you have to enter your email and password. 

You do not have the option of logging in via your Facebook or Gmail.

So what if I created my account using Gmail or Facebook? 

Well, I'd suggest you use your Facebook email or Gmail and reset the password. Learn more about resetting Binomo account passwords below (you can add an anchor link here).

Another thing you can do is use Binomo web on the phone and log in via that since it gives you all the options.

How to Register on Binomo?

Registering on binomo

You can register on Binomo via the website or the mobile app. I would prefer registering via using the mobile app for the platform as it gives you the power to make trades, check balances, withdraw, etc., from anywhere, anytime.

Irrespective, registration takes 2-4 minutes. You can choose to go the email and password way. But if you want something quicker, I would suggest Gmail or Facebook (it takes a mere 2-3 clicks with that, considering you are already logged in).

If you choose Gmail or Facebook, you have the option to restrict the information Binomo has access to, ensuring your privacy is maintained at all costs.

Why Can't I Log In to My Binomo Account?

If you aren't able to log in to your Binomo account, it could be due to one of these reasons:

#1. Incorrect Password (And How to Recover it)

In case you haven't logged into your Binomo account for a long time, you are likely getting an error due to an incorrect password. So here's how to recover your Binomo account password.

incorrect password on binomo
  • On the Sign In menu, click on Forgot My Password.
  • Enter the email you used while creating the account. If you used your Facebook or Gmail account, enter the Gmail or the email used for Facebook.
  • Hit Send
  • You'll receive an email with a confirmation message from Binomo. The subject for the email is Password recovery on Binomo.
  • In the email, hit the yellow Click button.
  • Enter your new password and hit Change Password
  • You can now log in using your new password.

#2. Login Limit Exceeded

If you get this message, it means that you have made too many login attempts, i.e., 10 attempts in an hour. You will now have to wait for an hour before you can log in successfully. 

To prevent this, it's best that you change your password using the step above if you cannot remember the password.

#3. Binomo Account Blocked

Binomo does not block accounts unless it has a strong reason to. Some of these rules are as follows:

blocked binomo account

You created multiple profiles.

You created an account on Binamo from a country that Binomo does not support. There are plenty of countries that this platform does not support. These range from Canada, USA, Australia, Malaysia, Italy, Germany, etc., so watch out.

Get a full list of these countries here.

You used a friend's or relative's card/wallet.

You also need to confirm your email and phone number (Do not forget this bit).

Whatever the reason, Binomo sends you an email confirming the reason behind the block. In case you feel you have been wronged, you can get in touch with their customer care to get it unblocked.

Highly unlikely but worth a try. Here's how you can reach them.

Phone: +18499366003

Email: support@binomo.com

How to Change Binomo Account Login?

Once you are logged in to your Binomo account, click on the round icon with your initials on the top right-hand corner of your screen.

  • A menu will open up.
  • Click on the Profile option in the menu.
  • Scroll down on the profile page. Under the Contacts header, you will find the option to change your email and phone number.
  • Below, there is the option to change the password. Enter the new password twice, and you can log in with the new password the next time you use Binomo.
  • Below the Change Password option is the Link Social Account header.

Here you can connect your Gmail and Facebook accounts. You can then use these accounts to log in as well using Binomo Web.

In case you do not plan to use your account for the foreseeable future, you also have the option to block your account.

Furthermore, you can also change your first and last name using this page.

How to Logout of Binomo?

  • At the bottom of the menu on the trading page, there is the Sign Out button.
  • Click on it, and you are done.

Final Verdict

Well, that's all you need to know about logging in to Binamo and the common problems that users face with it. 

Binomo is easy to use, takes minimal storage and memory, and is ideal for both professional and newbie traders.

Yes, if you are a newbie, they give you both video and live tutorials explaining the platform. Furthermore, you can also go with the Demo Account.

The demo account is a great way to learn the platform better and test your trading skills. You get $1000. You cannot withdraw this, but you don't lose real money either. And if you run out, you can replenish it as well.

Once you are ready, making the switch to a real account is just a few clicks away.

And to top it all, you even get a bonus when you make your first deposit. The bonus offer won't last long. Oh, and with a $1000 demo account, it is risk-free. So don't waste a second and sign up today.