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IQ Option Account Blocked

Paul Titus
Barry Edwards
Last Updated on April 14, 2022

There are thousands of people joining IQ Option daily. With the number of registered users constantly increasing, it is quite possible there will be some users who may want to take undue advantage of the platform. 

The broker can block a suspicious user account without prior notice to prevent malpractices and fraud. And though you may randomly find yourself locked out of your account, chances are there's a legitimate reason behind your ban.

One reason that makes IQ Option popular among users is its rigid policies against fraudulent activities and malpractices. Unlike other online brokers, IQ Option thoroughly examines its users through its "Know Your Customer Policy," which helps maintain the quality of users across the platform.

Additionally, the company also adheres to an "Anti-Money Laundering Policy." Therefore, the employees, affiliates, and officers of IQ Option actively prevent money laundering or the funding of criminal activities.

Money laundering involves actions designed to hide the true origins of funds acquired through criminal activities. In addition, the proceeds are transferred to multiple accounts to separate the funds from their source. Thus, it's made to appear as legitimately procured assets.

IQ Option don't just block accounts without any reason, moreover we have done a complete IQ Option Review to make sure its a liable trading platform


Reasons For IQ Option Account Blocked

Reasons For IQ Option Account Blocked

The foremost reason IQ Option Account is being blocked is to use it for criminal activities. However, there are other reasons as well that will invite temporary blocking of your account. This step is taken to ensure the safety of its users and the platform. IQ Option moderates all accounts thoroughly and has been known to block accounts for minor flaws such as consecutively inputting the wrong password.

Unless you're money laundering, you can quickly resolve the blocked account issue by contacting customer support. Let's look at the various causes resulting in the suspension of an IQ Option.

#1. Using Someone Else's Payment Details

Apart from feeding wrong login credentials, this is one of the most common reasons for inciting an account suspension. IQ Option requests its users to use their own cards and e-wallets for all transactions. Traders who use someone else's payment details will have their account suspended.

Since IQ Option is an online broker with a massive user pool, criminals can take advantage of the platform and use it for money laundering. However, the vigilant team at IQ Option verifies all transactions to ensure there is no foul play involved in user activities. 

Therefore, traders must refrain from using someone else's bank card, a friend's e-wallet, or any other payment method that doesn't belong to them. Doing so will raise red flags in the system, and the authorities will look into the matter. Meanwhile, the trader will be disallowed access to their IQ Option account until the issue has been entirely resolved.

#2. Suspicious Transactions

Suspicious transactions refer to any activity done by the trader that seems out of place or unusual. Consequently, a transaction is deemed suspicious if it appears to be made under complex or unusual circumstances. It could also mean trading assets without an audible purpose.

Likewise, suppose the volume of transactions increases suddenly for an inactive trading account - the moderators will look into the matter and take the necessary action. Likewise, suppose users consistently make trades with short holding periods and frequent yet significant losses. In that case, they risk having their account blocked and their activities inspected by the financial department of IQ Option.

If an account shows signs of suspicious activity, the IQ Option team will look into the matter and have it resolved. However, the user's trading account will remain blocked until the investigation is completed. 

#3. More Than One Account

It is a company policy of IQ Option to permit only one account per user. It means traders can only use one email id, phone number, identity card, and single bank account when registering on IQ Option. Above all, the information provided must be 100% accurate.

What's more, IQ Option strictly adheres to a one-time registration rule for every bit of information provided when signing up. So, suppose an email id or an e-wallet has been linked to another account, IQ Option will not permit the user to register in any other account. 

And suppose the IQ Option team detects multiple accounts. In that case, all the accounts registered with that user will get blocked for violation of the IQ Option company policy. 

#4. False Personal Information

IQ Option requests its users to provide legitimate personal information when registering the account. If a bidding agent has consciously provided false personal data, their account will be subjected to suspension till the issue is resolved.

Binary options trading is a lucrative field with a plethora of people looking to make a quick buck. There have been many incidents where people have provided false information to create an account with IQ Option. For instance, underage clients providing the wrong date of birth or people who register under the names of their family members or friends are consciously providing false information. 

However, these accounts get blocked before making a trade, as IQ Option thoroughly vets the documents submitted by its users. Above all, providing false information can permanently ban an IQ Option account if the user cannot submit valid documents. 

#5. Not Verifying Documents

Registering for IQ Option is a quick and easy process. Traders are required to verify their email at the time of registration. In addition, the platform asks users to verify their phone numbers if they wish to make a deposit at IQ Option

Consequently, IQ Option only asks to verify an agent's identity when a withdrawal request at IQ Option is made. Furthermore, traders can head to the "Account Verification" page on the IQ Option website to initiate the process themselves.

Agents cannot make withdrawals from the platform unless their documents have been submitted and verified. The documents required for a successful verification are the account owner's passport or driver's license and the bank card linked to the account. Users who fail the verification process can have their accounts blocked by IQ Option.

#6. Resident Of Banned/Restricted Countries

IQ Option is one of the most popular online brokers. However, it deals largely in binary options, which are banned in countries like the USA, Australia, Canada, Syria, Japan, the Russian Federation, and all countries in the European Union.

Binary options are viewed as a form of gambling and hence are banned by regulators in the countries mentioned above. Therefore, traders who have citizenship or residence in one of these countries will have their IQ Option account blocked.

People have resorted to the use of VPNs to switch locations to access IQ Option virtually. A VPN is a virtual proxy network that allows users to spoof their location. Although this idea works in most cases, IQ Option has a strict verification policy that guarantees a malpractice-free trading platform.

How To Unblock IQ Option Account?

How To Unblock IQ Option Account

Don't worry if your IQ Option account has been blocked even though you have followed all the steps correctly. The platform does not ban any account without a substantial cause. In fact, blocking an account without a viable reason is illegal, and IQ Option operations would be subjected to suspension.

In addition, there are various options available for users to troubleshoot this issue. Let's take a look at some quick fixes to unblock your IQ Option account.

1. Use Correct Credentials

One of the most common reasons for users getting locked out of their accounts is using improper credentials. Before getting excited about your growing assets on IQ Option, make sure to type your login credentials accurately. 

People often type their details hastily and risk inputting the wrong password or username. Consecutively typing the wrong login credentials will lead to your account being blocked. Though there's not much to worry about, the IQ Option support team will resolve this issue swiftly and efficiently. 

Ensure you're typing the correct details. Similarly, check if the "Caps Lock" is set to your preference and type your details again. Although getting locked out of your account is a minor inconvenience, it can be avoided by being mindful when logging into your IQ Option account.

2. Check Email/Spam For Any Action Required

IQ Option does not block any account without a valid reason. That being said, if your account has been suspended, the first thing you should do is check your email which is linked to the IQ Option account.

The team at IQ Option will instantly send a mail to your registered email id explaining the circumstances of your suspension. Even better, IQ Option explains the reason behind the suspension thoroughly and provides the solution to resolve the issue.

For example, if an account is blocked due to not having verified documents, the email will inform the user of the unverified documents. What's more, the message will also guide users through the account verification process and help them unblock their accounts.

This message can be found in your email account's inbox or the spam folder. Be sure to check your spam folder to not miss this important message from IQ Option. 

In the event your account gets locked, you now know the necessary steps required to reassess your IQ Option account.

3. Contact Support Email Or Phone Number

On the rare occasion that IQ Option does not send a message to your email after your account has been blocked, you can contact their support team for help. Multiple teams are working round the clock to meet the clients' needs.

The IQ Option support team provides swift solutions and is available 24/7 via chat system, email, and several phone numbers. In addition, users can chat with other traders and participate in various forums on cryptocurrencies, forex, and stocks in the chat and support feature. 

Consequently, users can send an instant support ticket to the IQ Option support team via the chat feature. IQ Option urges users to contact the support team through their email support@iqoption.com to get the necessary details helpful in unblocking their account.

Moreover, traders can reach out to the IQ Option support team through phone numbers.  Listed below are the various phone numbers for the support group:

  • English
    +44 20 8068 0760
    +44 80 0069 8644
  • Portuguese
    +351 882 880 034
    +351 308 807 766
  • Spanish
    +34 90 086 16 12
    +34 91 123 87 48

The support team is available 24/7 and provides users with the qualified and swift assistance they require. For example, if your account is blocked due to improper documents, simply contact the phone number or email and submit your documents. The IQ Option support team will immediately begin working on unblocking your account.


IQ Option is a well-reputed broker with a staggering user base of over fifty million users. The broker is known for being transparent and strives to give its users the smoothest trading experience.