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IQ Option Affiliate Program

Paul Titus
Barry Edwards
Last Updated on April 14, 2022

The typical mentality among many traders is that the only way to earn money from IQ Option is by active trading. However, that's not the case, as many trading platforms allow traders to earn extra income through affiliate programs. 

For instance, the IQ Option Affiliate Program is one of the highest-rated in the trading department. Some of the most experienced traders have joined the program because candidates can earn up to 50% of the revenue share and get an instant CPA payout for each active user. 

In this article, we'll go through everything you need to know about the IQ Option Affiliate Program. And this article will also tell you about how you can be a part of a community of to-be-wealthy traders who earn thousands of dollars every day. 

And if you want to know more about IQ Option for running a successful Affiliate program, you can read our detailed article, IQ Option Review – Is it a Scam? [South Africa, 2022] 

What is an Affiliate Program? 

What is an Affiliate Program?

For those new to the industry, affiliate programs are where people reach out to others and market a company's products and services. You can use websites, social media, or other marketing strategies to get potential consumers interested. 

You get a commission once someone clicks on the company's link and purchases their services. For example, in IQ Option, you have to spread the word about the platform. Your benefit is that the company pays you once a person registers through the company's link to purchase assets. 

How to be an IQ Option Affiliate?

How to be an IQ Option Affiliate?

The first step to begin your journey as an IQ Option Affiliate is to go to their website. Then, register and verify the phone number and add a legitimate email address. Also, make sure to add your website or blog link. 

After finishing the registration, you're now officially an IQ Option Affiliate. You can go about doing the business of acquiring customers into the platform as they begin to trade actively. You'll earn commissions from your customers' profit, and even better, those that can't wait to get their money can withdraw it twice a month. 

Affiliates can see statistics such as money earned, customers registered, and more from the dashboard, but that's not all this profitable feature has on offer. 

Why Participate in the IQ Option Affiliate Program? 

Why Participate in the IQ Option Affiliate Program?

The IQ Option Affiliate Program allows their workers to gain income for the rest of their life because you can earn up to 50% profit from the customers who join through your link. 

Moreover, IQ Option serves around 45,000,000 customers, and the affiliate program itself has over 188,000 affiliates around the world. The platform is available across 178 different companies, meaning anyone can participate in the program and progress to their dream earnings. 

Why IQ Option Affiliate Program?

Why IQ Option Affiliate Program?

IQ Option has received the Award of Excellence by the Communicator Awards, meaning affiliates can expect high standards in terms of quality and achievements. Also, it becomes easier to promote the brand as they are trustworthy amongst the trading community. 

Additionally, the affiliate program has many benefits that'll tempt even the biggest doubters of IQ Option: 

  • Lifetime commissions from the affiliates brought on-board
  • Withdrawals every 2nd week of the month through your preferred digital payment medium
  • Commission earnings of up to 50%
  • Various free marketing resources and guides for affiliates
  • Growth-oriented platform with affiliate partnerships increasing from 48k to 142k in four years
  • Focused affiliate partners earn up to 3 million USD a year
  • The organizational system makes tracking funds, responses, and marketing analytics simpler
  • Consumer diversity from 150+ countries allows to partner and sell to a significantly large clientele
  • No room for a negative balance owing to IQ Option's zero balance deductions policy
  • Real-time updates of affiliate activities to keep partners informed
  • Dashboard loaded with filters, reports, and categorizing options
  • Usable across platforms and devices, be it laptops or smartphones
  • Maximized possibility of boosting engagement through access to several digital mediums
  • IQ Option auto-detects user persona and location beforehand to send relevant and compatible promotional content

These affiliate features are some of the best in the trading industry. On top of that, IQ Option strives to do better as they move forward towards becoming the number one trading platform globally. 

As a result, they differ from other Introducing Broker Affiliate programs in the way they treat their affiliates. All in all, with such significant efforts to maintain the authenticity and profitability of their trading platform, IQ Option becomes a go-to option for trading aspirants looking to multiply their income through affiliates.

Difference between IQ Option Affiliate and Introducing Broker

An IQ Option affiliate program won't punish IBs whose clients generate any losses. In other words, the money you generate has no negative influence caused by other clients. 

Meanwhile, IBs may attribute 100% of losses generated to your account. It'll reduce your profits earned significantly, ruining all your previous trading-related affiliate achievements. Also, IQ Option is one of the highest paying programs distributing around 150,000 USD to their participants every day.

In conclusion, choosing an IQ Option affiliate program provides high potential for profits. Moreover, it helps you attract clients and not bother about how well they trade. This is something out of an affiliate's control.

Indeed, you're convinced by now? Now let's look at how to register for the program so you can start earning some money.

Features of the IQ Option Affiliate Program

Features of the IQ Option Affiliate Program

Knowing how essential resources present in IQ Option's dashboard functionality help earn more money from this program is crucial. The trading platform introduces the dashboard to their affiliates immediately after logging in. 

#1. Affiliate Personal Profile

The first feature to get your way around this program is the Affiliate Personal Profile. You find this on the top-right part of the website, where you'll see an arrow with the words 'Edit your Profile.' The tab takes users to a page where they have to fill in information about themselves.  

Whatever information you decide to give on the page, make sure to verify your phone number. Otherwise, you can't add a payment option, meaning you won't be able to get access to your hard-earned commissions. 

Users can change information however they please until they earn their first payment from the affiliate program. Therefore, it's best to add all the information they think is necessary to be a part of the program and start earning. 

#2. Affiliate Dashboard

The dashboard is a user interface that affiliates will need to promote IQ Option in the best way possible. It features a wide range of statistics regarding the people who've joined through your links. 

The statistics include the location of the majority of customers, which referral link is the most effective, and more in-depth statistics. Learn from the details and start attracting more traders to the platform. 

In short, the dashboard offers a fantastic way of viewing detailed information with the help of a carefully-designed interface. 

#3. Affiliate Promo

IQ Option provides a host of promotion tools for affiliates to use at the affiliate's web, mobile, and other advertising campaigns. Under the promo option, you'll find various stock photos and other detailed media attachments to help advertise the trading platform. 

Affiliates can choose the language, advertisement size, and other settings for web, mobile, and main promotions and advertising campaigns. You can also learn how to use these options effectively by following the marketing guidelines given by the program. 

There are hundreds of options to choose from that cater to unique audiences. Use your creativity and pick one that suits your plan perfectly! Also, if there are any new updates regarding changes in promotion, they'll let you know through the monthly newsletter.

#4. Payments and Withdrawal

In this section, users can keep track of their income. IQ Option has an outstanding reputation for ensuring its members get paid in due time. They pay twice, during every second week of the month. This means once on the 15th and by month-end. 

Moreover, after reaching affiliate level 5, you'll have the ability to make custom withdrawal requests. Simply put, you'll be eligible to make up to 1000 USD withdrawals, which will arrive within three business days. 

However, new members require at least ten active traders who've come through their referral links to be eligible for payment. Also, you might be requested to verify your phone number to get the money in their account. 

You don't need to worry about payment hassles as IQ Option supports some of the most popular online payment methods like WebMoney and Skrill, in addition to bank transfers. 

#5. Top Ten List

Affiliates can check the top 10 list to learn about the highest earners over the past month. It's perfect for those who love competition and want to reach the top. Also, it gives detailed information about registrations, deposits, deals, and FTDs the affiliate has managed to secure.

Undoubtedly, the most intriguing point is the profit the top runners have made in one month. For instance, some affiliates have earned over a staggering 300,000 USD using the program. But, to respect the privacy of these people, the names aren't revealed to the public. 

#6. News 

Keep yourself updated about the affiliate program and learn some tips and tricks in the news section. They also simplify the lives of traders by presenting a highly accurate and valuable news feed. 

This section talks about trading instruments such as techniques, margin trading, organizing tournaments, revealing statistical information on industries, stock collections, and other assets. These are critical topics to help beginners be more comfortable investing in IQ Option. 

#7. Support

If you have any doubts or issues regarding the program, IQ Option is here to help. Instead of sending a message to an email address and hoping they reply soon, you can talk to a personal manager. 

All you have to do is open a ticket on the application and wait for a while. The support is ever-ready to help from Monday to Friday through Email, Skype, or Telegram. 

IQ Option continues to add more features to ensure that its affiliates are in a prime position to earn more money. The only advantage you can get over others is creativity. Therefore, make sure to stand out and keep attracting consumers to begin their trading journey at IQ Option. 

General Restrictions in the IQ Option Affiliate Program

Don't forget to note down rules and regulations given by IQ Option as a violation might lead to an automatic account suspension. By following these instructions, you start earning money without falling into any trouble. 

The first rule is that you shouldn't create an IQ Option trading account using your affiliate link. If you get caught, the trading platform will suspend you indefinitely without any warning. Here are more actions you need to avoid while working for the affiliate program:

1. Avoid Misleading Statements

While buying ads on Google Adwords, don't use the brand name 'IQ Option' as it is misleading. If you're planning to use paid ads in your marketing strategy, add 'IQ Option' to the list of negative keywords to avoid getting a suspension. 

Don't make any aggressive or false statements like 'get rich overnight' or 'earn money without doing anything.' Doing this will direct people into thinking that trading is just a get-rich scheme. 

2. Stop Spamming Advertisements

Marketing experts know that spams are one of the most horrible marketing practices in the industry, and it also chases away clients. Many companies, including IQ Option, don't condone spam, and not complying with them might bring your affiliate career to a sudden stop. 

You also must follow other ground marketing rules while working in the IQ Option affiliate program. If you have any doubts regarding the legality of the marketing strategy, you can always contact the personal manager.  


IQ Option offers one of the best affiliate programs for those willing to spend time honing their marketing skills. Moreover, once you attract an active affiliate, you'll get a significant commission from their profits for the rest of your life. 

The affiliate programs' heavy-duty investments, a wide range of features, and global reach are factors that gear you up for financial success. Don't be intimidated by a large number of affiliates, instead focus on innovative advertising strategies, and you'll end up as one of the top earners in no time.