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Olymp Trade Statuses & Trader's Way - How to earn up to 92% profit?

Paul Titus
Barry Edwards
Last Updated on April 14, 2022

Did you know that you can earn up to 92% profits from Olymp Trade? You can even get risk-free trades or calls with a personal analyst.

Yup, and that has everything to do with your account's status.

So whether you are a newbie on Olymp Trade who doesn't yet understand what account status and experience points (XP) is all about.

Or someone who already uses Olymp Trade and wants to know how to earn more XP and get to Expert Status quicker, you are in the right place.

This detailed guide covers everything you need to know about Olymp Trade Account Status and Trader's Way.

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What are Account Statuses?

Account Statuses are like a customer loyalty program. You get XP for completing trades and daily tasks.

Using these, you can upgrade your status from starter to advanced and then to an expert. Expert is the highest level and brings the biggest of rewards and profits.

More details about these statuses are below.

Olymp Trade Statuses Trader Way

Types of Account Statuses (And their Privileges)

There are three main types of accounts:

  • Starter Account
  • Advanced Account 
  • Expert Account

A bit more in detail about them.

Starter Account

This is the most basic of accounts you get upon making a deposit of less than $500.

With a basic account, you get the following benefits:

  • You can earn up to 82% of profits. 
  • Withdrawals take up to 2 days 
  • The maximum trading amount is limited to $3000 for fixed trades (FT) and $2000 for Forex (FX).
  • You get access to trading signals, 10 open positions, and 10 indicators
  • Education material that includes video tutorials, articles, etc.

Though keep in mind that the trading signals are limited. Plus, 10 open positions and 10 indicators are the least you get. Not to forget, the commission for each trade on a basic account is the highest at 15%.

Oh, and you are missing out on so much like help from a personal analyst, in-built strategies, risk-free trades, etc.

So if you are a serious trader and use Olymp Trade almost daily, upgrading to Advanced and then to Expert should be an important goal. More about these accounts is below.

Advanced Account

To upgrade from Starter to Advanced, you need 19,800 XP. But if you do not want to spend all that time gathering XP and are looking for a shorter, easier way to get an advanced account, deposit any amount between $500 to $1999.

Here's why the advanced account is worth the trouble and money

  • Your profits go up to 85% rather than 82%
  • Get advice, tips, forecasts, etc. from a personal analyst once a month
  • Improve your skills with 7 built-in FTT strategies and 5 built-in Forex strategies
  • 1 private webinar every week
  • Withdrawals take just 24 hrs now rather than 2 days
  • Get up to10% off on the position opening fee on Forex
  • Invest bigger as you now have a limit of $4000 on fixed-trading and $3000 on Forex
  • Opening positions are amped up to 20 
  • You get access to basic trading signals, and indicators (11)
  • Trade commissions are reduced to 13.5%
  • Stay protected from huge losses with the Stop-Loss feature

Note: Stop-loss feature automatically closes a trade once it falls below a set point.

If you thought that's pretty impressive, Expert Account only sweetens the pot further.

Expert Account

To upgrade from advanced to Expert, you need 99,000 XP and to maintain it 160,000. It seems pretty daunting, isn't it?

Well, it doesn't have to be. For a quick upgrade or to jump from basic to expert straight, all you have to do is deposit $2000+.

And you'll unlock a whole different level of trading with pretty much every privilege Olymp Trade can offer. Here's what I am talking about.

  • Earn profits up to a whopping 92%
  • Don't lose a penny on trades with risk-free trades
  • Trade commissions are the lowest at 12%, thus increasing profits
  • Don't wait days for withdrawals; get them within hours now
  • Make bigger profits with more significant trades of up to $5000 on FT and $4000 on FX 
  • Keep losses to minimal with Stop-Loss feature for forex trading
  • Get access to both basic and private trading signals for better insights into the market
  • Adding to that are the 4 consultations from an analyst each month
  • Plus, you get 15 built-in FTT strategies, 12 built-in Forex strategies
  • 3 private webinars each week 
  • Improve your skills with private training sessions
  • Get up to 3 recommendations on Advisors and 14 indicators
  • Open positions are bumped up to 30 for FT 

Suppose you are confused about why you need XP to maintain your Advanced or Expert account status. In that case, it is because your account can get downgraded after 30 days.

Another thing you can do to prevent loss of account status is making another deposit of the required minimum amount, i.e., $2000 for expert status.

That brings me to the next point, what are these experience points, and how can you earn them?

What is XP (and how to earn it)?

XP or experience points are rewards you get for making trades. The more you trade, the more XP you earn.

Though keep in mind, XP for profitable trades is higher than that for lost trades or zero profit-loss trades (yes, you get XP on losses as well, so there's always something to look forward to).

Investment amount also impacts the XP you earn. The more you invest, the higher the XP. For example, a trade made for $1000 will earn you more XP than a trade for $500.

Another way to earn XP is to complete Daily Tasks. You get 3 tasks every day, and each task earns you between 400 to 800 or more experience points. So even when you aren't making trades, you can still get XP to maintain your account status.

Don't forget; these tasks get renewed every day, so you have only 24-hours to complete them.

What is Trader's Way?

The trader's way is a system of rewards you get as you collect XP from trades and daily tasks and move along in your journey from a starter to an advanced account and an expert.

From starter to advanced, there are 12 levels, and at each level, you gain something exciting. For example, at 50 XP, you get trading signals based on the Moving Average strategy.

Similarly, at level 11, you can get expert help via a call with a personal analyst. Other rewards include access to stop-loss, bonus on deposits, stay of the status for another 30 days, etc.

But my favorite reward of them all is the risk-free trade. This allows you to go big on the trade for more significant profits since any lost amount is rewarded back instantly.

And these rewards only get bigger and better as your status advances.

The Trader's Way levels get renewed automatically when you upgrade to a different level or after 30 days. In case you cannot complete all the levels, you will be downgraded.

Final Thoughts

Well, there's everything you need to know about account status and Trader's way on Olymp Trade. It is simple, the more you trade, the better the status and the better the status and more profits you'll be earning.

This is why I say, for serious traders, achieving and maintaining the Expert status can be a game-changer.

If you don't already have an account because you are a beginner and worried about losing money, no problem.

Olymp Trade gives you a demo account with $10,000 to learn and test your trading skills and the Olymp Trade platform. While you cannot withdraw it, you can renew it anytime and learn for as long as you want.

And if you already have an account that you use for trading, it is time to earn big and get the maximum out of Olymp Trade and your investment with an expert account. And the easiest to go there is to make the minimum deposit. So what's holding you back?

For any questions about account status or trader's way on Olymp Trade, do let me know in the comments below or via the contact page.

Until then, trade safely.

Olymp Trade Account Status FAQs

How do I know how much XP I have?

On the platform page, click on the profile icon placed at the top of the screen on the right-hand side. Here you can see your XP, account status, daily tasks, Trader's Way, etc.

How do I know if I received certain rewards?

On the Trader's Way page, the level you are on is highlighted. There you can also see the rewards you are yet to receive. To access Trader's way, click on the profile icon. Then click on the XP, and a new window will slide in on the right with the heading Trader's Way.

Do Achievements help you earn XP?

No achievements do not increase XP. To add to your XP kitty, you need to make more trades with higher investment and higher profits or complete daily tasks.