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Binpartner: Binomo Affiliate Program

Paul Titus
Barry Edwards
Last Updated on April 14, 2022

Binomo has developed into a trusted broker over the previous years and is reckoned as "consistently reliable" by over 800,000 active traders daily. However, the major chunk of traders do not realize that trading isn't the only way to earn money, on the trading platform. 

For instance, Binomo features an affiliate program known as Binpartner. Many experienced traders and advertisers have joined the program because of its staggering 70% revenue share, which is higher than its competitors by a mile. Additionally, you can set custom CPA conditions and gain a referral bonus of 5% from your sub-affiliates. 

Here in this article, we are going to discuss everything in detail about the Binomo affiliate program and the ways to join the community of traders and businessmen who earn thousands of dollars every day. 

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What is an Online Affiliate Program?

What is an Online Affiliate Program

An online affiliate program is an automated electric program in which a web advertiser recruits other webmasters or affiliates. These employees place the company's advertisements on their websites. 

To explain, when someone joins the Binomo affiliate program, they have to use digital tools like websites and social media to get potential consumers interested in the platform. In return, you'll get a commission when someone clicks on the company's link and purchases their services. 

Indeed, you're interested in becoming a Binpartner affiliate now? Let's look at the procedure you need to follow to join the program. 

How to Become a Binpartner Affiliate?

How to become Binpartner Affiliate

You can follow these steps to join the affiliate program:

  • Go to the Binpartner website
  • Click on the registration button on the top-right
  • Enter your new email and password
  • Click on the signup button

After that, the support team will contact you and offer advice on how to get started with the program. Also, you'll get tips to maximize profits and significantly upscale conversions with potential traders.

With this, you can start working as an affiliate and begin earning a stable income. Moreover, you gain access to the affiliate dashboard, featuring a range of promotional materials to engage new traders. 

Binomo Affiliate Program Instructions

Binomo Affiliate Program Instructions

After completing registrations for the affiliate program, users need to follow these instructions to start earning money on the platform. 

First, affiliates should fill in all the details required to complete their profile. Then, they need to enter their payment details like a bank account, e-wallet number, etc. After filling in the information, choose and save your preferred payment service provider. 

Follow the procedure and save several payment methods as you can. And conveniently switch between them when needed. On the other hand, if you don't choose a payment system, Binomo won't deposit the money into your account.

Where and How Can You Advertise the Binomo Platform?

Where and How Can You Advertise the Binomo Platform

You can engage with potential clients in multiple ways. Traders need to use their trading knowledge, analytical skills, and convincing abilities to attract people to the trading platform. Additionally, the program has created statistics that showcase the primary traffic sources. They are:

  • Topic-specific websites
  • Video portals
  • Forums
  • Unique ideas
  • Contextual advertising
  • Advertising networks
  • Social networks

Undoubtedly, the best traffic comes from websites specifically dedicated to online trading that feature platform reviews, ratings, training materials, and more. In short, websites are the best way to get stable and impressive earnings. 

Affiliates should take notes from these kinds of sites by using search results. In addition, Binomo will provide you with a variety of promotional materials to engage clients. Their services include platform descriptions, charts, text news articles, in-depth and 24/7 market analysis, and more. 

Why Participate in the Binpartner Affiliate Program?

Why Participate in the Binpartner Affiliate Program

The Binomo affiliate program allows its partners to earn money for the rest of their life. It's possible as you can earn up to 70% of revenue from anyone who clicks the link on your website. 

On top of that, you can earn up to 5% from the referral program. In other words, you gain income if you have multiple sub-affiliates who've joined using the affiliate link and attract a good amount of traders. 

All in all, Binomo is a reliable trading platform and a part of over 30,000,000 successful trades every week. The platform is available in over 133 countries, meaning anyone can participate in the program and get closer to their dream earnings.

Benefits from the Binpartner Program

Benefits from the Binpartner Program

Binomo has received wide praise for being a reliable platform from IAIR and FE awards, meaning affiliates can expect high standards in terms of quality support. Also, it becomes easier to promote the brand as they are acclaimed to be a trustworthy broker in the trading community. 

Additionally, the affiliate program has many features and benefits that'll leave even the biggest doubters of Binomo astonished. Here are some must-know features:

  • Lifetime commissions from the affiliates brought on-board
  • Easy payouts every two weeks through your preferred digital payment medium
  • Revenue share of up to 70%
  • Real-time updates of affiliate activities to keep partners informed
  • Exclusive promotional materials to help you facilitate your work
  • Options between CPA, CPL, and RevShare systems
  • User-friendly dashboards loaded with filters and reports
  • Usable across different platforms and devices, ranging from laptops to smartphones
  • Access detailed marketing analytics
  • Tracking funds with the crisp and easy-to-use support systems
  • Opportunities to boost engagement through several digital mediums

These affiliate features have attracted thousands of traders to earn money on the trading platform. On top of that, Binomo continues to listen to its partners and add more features to solidify its position as the best affiliate program in the market. 

As a result, they stand out from other affiliate programs because of their high revenue share. All in all, with such efforts to maintain the authenticity of the trading platform, Binpartner is a fantastic choice for trading and marketing experts looking to increase their income through these programs. 

Features of the Binpartner Affiliate Program

Features of the Binpartner Affiliate Program

Before signing up for the affiliate program, it's essential to know about the features and learn how to use them to their full potential. It gives you a headstart over other affiliates and assists you compete against the top earners of the program. 

#1. Affiliate Dashboard

The dashboard is a user interface that affiliates should use to learn and promote Binomo in the best way possible. It features a wide range of statistics regarding the people who've joined using your link.

The dashboard will inform you about the location of your consumers, referral links that are the most effective, and more in-depth statistics. You can analyze the information and make correct decisions to attract more traders to the platform. 

To summarize, the dashboard is a brilliant tool for partners of the affiliate programs, offering a fantastic way of viewing detailed information with the help of a well-designed interface. 

#2. Promotion Tools

Binomo provides a series of promotional tools affiliates can use on their website, social media, and other advertising campaigns. Users can find stock photos, gifs, videos, and other media attachments in the affiliate program.

Above that, affiliates can choose the advertisement size, language, length, and other settings to display on their platform. What's best, audiences can view promotional material across computers, mobiles, and other devices. 

#3. Payments and Withdrawals

Affiliates can keep track of their income on the Binpartner website. They can receive their money every two weeks, typically on the 15th and 30th of each month. 

However, for security reasons, withdrawal of funds from Binomo can only take place from the payment methods used to deposit money in the platform. After the withdrawal request, it may take a few minutes or three days for Binomo to deposit the money in your bank account. 

Also, the minimum withdrawal amount is 10 USD, whereas it's 200 USD if you're using e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill. 

#4. News

Partners can keep themselves updated about the affiliate programs and learn about brand-new features in the news section. Additionally, you can receive trading tips about trading in Binomo using instruments, techniques, tournaments, etc. 

It's essential to learn about this information to help beginners be more comfortable with trading on Binomo.

#5. Support

The Binpartner support staff is here to help clear any doubts and issues with the program. Affiliates can contact them through email, skype, or voice chat. 

In addition, Binomo hires dedicated affiliate managers who solely assist the partners of the programs. The company also provides you with exclusive promotional materials to help you facilitate your work.

Different Ways to Earn Money with Binpartner

Different Ways to Earn Money with Binpartner

Every affiliate program uses different methods to estimate the amount of money a partner should get based on their performance. It depends on how much the brokers expect from their affiliates. In Binomo, traders can choose between different affiliate programs and structures. 

They include:

1. Cost per Action (CPA)

Cost per Action is a form of affiliate marketing where partners are paid only after their referrals complete certain objectives. These can include submitting an email, taking a survey, signing up for a newsletter, and many more activities. 

For example, in Binomo, some objectives may include filling the registration form, responding to their emails, or signing up for activities organized by the broker. Advertising experts say that Cost per Action is the simplest form of marketing in the affiliate program, and therefore, it's the least paying. 

2. Cost per Lead (CPL)

The Cost per Lead method measures how effective your advertisements are and pays you based on the number of consumers that have begun trading after clicking your referral link. 

The lead may generate more money for affiliates depending on the number of transactions made on the platform. 

3. Revenue Share (RevShare)

The revenue share or RevSahre entails that the affiliate is paid a cut of revenue the broker gathers from the referrals, ranging from two weeks to numerous years.

Simultaneously, when the partner refers people to trade with Binomo, the affiliate will keep earning money as long as they continue trading on the platform. With multiple systems to help partners increase their income, Binomo attracts thousands of traders every day looking to add to their income. 

General Restrictions in the Binomo Affiliate Program

General Restrictions in the Binomo Affiliate Program

Affiliates should always keep the rules and regulations of the program in mind, as a violation of them might lead to automatic account suspension. In other words, you should obey everything mentioned in terms and conditions to start earning money without falling into trouble. 

There are a ton of rules mentioned in the guidelines, but here are some regulations affiliates usually disobey, which have resulted in bans:

1. Account Creation

Users shouldn't create a Binomo trading account by using their affiliate link. If you get caught, the trading platform will suspend you indefinitely without any warning. 

2. Misleading Statements

Avoid using the Binomo brand name while buying ads as it's misleading. Still, if you want to use paid promotion in your marketing strategy, add Binomo to the list of negative keywords to prevent any possible suspensions. 

3. Spamming Advertisements

Spamming Advertisements is never a good idea, as it drives away people from the product or service. To avoid this, Binomo doesn't condone any spam, and any affiliate caught doing it will be banned from the program. 


Binomo offers the highest revenue share compared to other brokers, and it rewards traders who are willing to spend time marketing their services. What's best, once you attract active affiliates through the Binpartner program, you'll receive a significant commission from their profits for a long time. 

The affiliate program has a wide range of features, global reach, and a support team to help you prepare for financial success. Although the program has many affiliates, you can earn more income by focusing on and creating innovative marketing strategies. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which wallets can be used for payouts?

Payouts can be made through the following payment service providers:

  • Webmoney
  • Yandex Money
  • Epayments
  • Skrill

You can also opt for a bank transfer. If you don't find a payment service provider, you can contact the support team to create other payment options on your account. 

Why are my funds not credited after the withdrawal action?

 If you're in this situation, you should check your account and look at the estimated time. In addition, you must count only the working days since transactions aren't processed over weekends or holidays. Make sure to verify your account and upload all the necessary documents.

Moreover, ensure you have entered the correct bank account details and e-wallet address. Keep in mind the withdrawal fee when you add the withdrawal amount. You can also contact support to learn about the reason for the withdrawal delay.

Why is my verification page rejected?

Typically, the reason for rejection is written on the verification page. However, if you're still unsure if your documents are valid, you can check the requirements on the FAQ section on the Binpartner website.

These are the common reasons for rejection:

  • The document was blurry or had watermarks on it.
  • The document you submitted is expired or incorrect.
  • The document doesn't belong to you.