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IQ Option Charitable Foundation

Paul Titus
Barry Edwards
Last Updated on April 14, 2022

To work for the development of underprivileged children, IQ Option created a Charitable Foundation. IQ Option strongly believes in social responsibility. And with this zeal, it has been working for the well-being of indigenous communities in Africa. It's because the plight of the people here is quite grim, and most African countries' economies are poor. Everyone in I Q Option believes in social and economic justice. And, therefore, everyone in this organization has a sense of justice and responsibility towards the people. 

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The Socio-Economic and Political Situation In Africa

The socio-economic and political conditions in most of the African countries are grave. Children in most African countries face malnutrition and suffer diseases. Education is a distant cry. The situation here could only improve by assisting in health and education. Therefore, the foundation aims at providing those conditions of health and education. Its target population is mainly the youths. The Charitable Foundation has been providing basic needs for the people in Africa. It supplies food, medicine, and security as well. 

Countless underprivileged children in Africa suffer daily. They cannot enjoy the most fundamental privileges that every child deserves. Apart from taking on charitable endeavors themselves, the foundation also works with other organizations in Africa. These organizations are well-versed with the regional problems requiring immediate attention.

Let's take a detailed look at the incredible work done by the Charitable Foundation of IQ Option. You may draw inspiration to be a socially responsible citizen of this planet.

Mission Statement

Like other international humanitarian organizations, IQ Option is wholly inclined towards social causes. The charity's mission is to devote a small part of the company's profit to the humanitarian cause. And, this zeal stemmed out of a mere idea. It may not be at par with other large international organizations working for the poor in Africa. But, definitely be among the ones that have helped the world. 

Thus, to make a visible difference at the grass-root level, it has formed a team of dedicated experts. The team comprises specialists of various sectors who know their tasks very well. They intend to bring changes in the quality of life of children and the local populace. As their particular focus is children and women, the team's experiences are vital for the success of various projects. 

Additionally, the charity equips its army of humanitarians with special equipment. This equipment helps them succeed across multiple projects in the most adverse regions. It is challenging to make a noticeable difference to the planet alone.

The foundation is working with other small organizations by acknowledging the above fact. The purpose is to aid the smaller organization in furthering the foundation's mission. 

Aid Provided By The Foundation

The Charitable Foundation 

The Charitable Foundation has never been partial in aiding the smaller organizations. It means only the people who understand each project and its specific need have designated the task. And for this work, distribution field experts suggest on behalf of the foundation. 

More so, the company does everything in its power to work towards its goal of developing a sustainable environment for people. The aid they provide comes in the form of: 

  • Financial support
  • Infrastructures like schools and hospitals
  • Knowledgeable industry experts
  • Technological facilities

Not only this, but the company is actively implementing these aids into society. Thus, locals are encouraged to maintain, manage, and sustain the contributions. 

The focus of this Charitable Foundation is wholly for the children's benefit. Therefore, it takes actions resonating with its objectives. While the efforts are vast by looking at their scope, the foundation also deals in:

  • Purchase and supply of medicines
  • Providing clothing
  • Buying stationery supplies for the schools

Above all, the foundation also undertakes the upkeep of mandatory facilities for social welfare. They include orphanages, schools, and hospitals.

To sum up, the foundation's mission is to ensure that local organizations benefit from the charity's favor. Therefore, allowing the local organizations to handle future projects with assistance. And with the supervision of experts, this will enable the local organizations to take on independent projects in the future. 

Participants Of The Foundation 

The IQ Option Charitable Foundation aims to expand its network. Keeping this in view, the foundation is looking for groups and organizations dedicated to solving local issues. And the goal is to enhance the quality of life for the underprivileged population in Africa.

The IQ Option Charity has collaborated with the Faith Foundation in Rwanda to achieve this philanthropic goal. It has helped bring hope and happiness to the unfortunate women and children in the country.


Together, the IQ Option Charity and the Faith Foundation have brought changes in people's lives. In addition, they have educated people to develop skills necessary for an optimistic future.

The foundation firmly believes in fighting poverty in society. Thus, they've enhanced the peoples' life experiences. Moreover, they have encouraged locals to find solutions for their day-to-day problems. They are doing so by pioneering an initiative to sponsor children pursuing their education and building their future.

Goals Of The Foundation

The foundation is working towards increasing the ability of widows to generate an income. Furthermore, they promote widows to support their children and engage in community development. This will aid in creating a sustainable and self-sufficient society by reducing the burden of poverty.

Projects of the Foundation

Here are details of projects undertaken by the IQ Option Charitable Foundation in association with NGOs in Rwanda.

1. Water Project In Rwanda

Water Project In Rwanda

Water is a vital essential for society. The United Nations has termed it a fundamental human need, thus making it a basic human right. Factually, contaminated water is hazardous for the physical and mental health of the people and is an abuse of human dignity.

Yet, safe drinking water remains a luxury that many people can't afford. The deficiency of safe water contributes to around 80 percent of the diseases in rural Africa. 

How Did The Foundation Solve The Problem?

The charity took on the initiative started by the Faith Foundation in Kinigi, Rwanda, and worked towards providing clean drinking water. Above this, they aided in creating clean water sources for everyone in the village.

They planned to accomplish the mission of providing the locals with access to safe drinking water on a growing basis. The foundation assisted by setting up two 5000 liter water tanks as a backup if the water supply was cut abruptly. 


This new clean water supply enabled the community to fight poverty, take care of and improve their homes, and grow crops. Moreover, without worrying about a clean water source, the children could focus on their education.

Today, the water project in Kinigi provides clean water to over 75 families in the village. Locals can visit the tanks three days a week and refill their water supply. What's more, the charity created a convenient method for transporting water throughout the village by gifting the families with jerry cans.

2. Farming And Basket Weaving Project In Rwanda

Farming And Basket Weaving Project In Rwanda

This is another successful endeavor of the IQ Option Charitable foundation and the Faith Foundation in Kinigi, Rwanda. The main objective of this project is to educate kids and adults on various life skills while empowering the dreams of all the people in Rwanda.

Steps Taken By The Foundation

By cooperating with the Faith Foundation, the Charitable Foundation organized workshops for educating sensitive women in honing their parenting skills and broadening their occupational abilities. The project continues to provide locals with community building and cultural activities.

Over 45 adults are regulars at the monthly workshop classes to learn financial skills. These include balancing expenses, budgeting, and effective planning for purchasing household supplies.

What's better, the workshops are designed to teach women about starting small yet sustainable businesses. For example, basket weaving to help increase their income. They are also taught necessary skills for business growth and creating a systematic savings program.

Apart from the workshops teaching life skills, similar workshops are organized to educate these communities on farming techniques. Consequently, the village has grown over 10 tonnes of vegetables. This has set them on the path to becoming a self-sustainable community.


The IQ Option Charitable Foundation cooperates with various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in sharing a common goal of helping children in need. The local organizations present on-site have a first-hand experience of the problems and solutions of a region. 

The charity recently collaborated with the Faith Foundation to help underprivileged kids in Rwanda. The foundation and the partnering organization work together as a unit. The former assists by providing financial aid, management experts, and technology to the latter. Yet, their main goal is to empower adults with the skills to lead a sustainable lifestyle.

The Faith Foundation has its roots in Kinigi, Rwanda, and was started by Faith Uwantege, a local of the village. After seeing children suffering daily, she started saving from her salary. She made her dream of empowering children come true. Thus, the Faith Foundation was born.

Today, the foundation serves the underprivileged kids in Rwanda and helps children and women worldwide. The Faith Foundation has similar goals as the IQ Option's venture Charitable foundation. In partnership, they work towards attaining the goal of empowering unfortunate people worldwide.


By selflessly helping others, people can contribute to the uplifting of society. Eventually, the globe as a whole shall benefit. Volunteering with the IQ Option Charitable Foundation will not only help them reach more children. But with your help, they'll be able to make a difference to the world in a positive and uplifting way.

Launch your career as a philanthropist by volunteering with the IQ option Charitable Foundation. You can write to them at info@iqcharity.org or give them a call on +35725030677.


In this detailed article, we have seen how IQ Option is more than just a trading platform. Through its Charitable Foundation, brokers give hope to the people suffering from poverty and bring equality in their lifestyles.

Even better, they do so by providing financial help by donating a sizable amount of their profits towards this cause. Consequently, the foundation successfully partners with local NGOs and organizations that share the same goals. 

Even as an online broker, IQ Option manages to impact the lives of millions of people positively. With humanitarian values at its core, this company is bound to make a forward-looking change to the planet. And the best part is, you too can be a part of this change by volunteering with the 

IQ Option Charitable Foundation.